About PoopPick

PoopPick Compostable Dog Poop Bags

PoopPick is a Cape Town based company. We are proud of using only natural high quality materials.
We insist of providing the best customer service to our clients in South Africa.
Our country’s natural grounds are beautiful and must be kept safe from any environmental hazards.

We don’t see any sense in taking a biodegradable, natural and compostable material like dog poop and putting it in a plastic bag that will take 200+ years to decompose.Our biodegradable poop bags are made from plant starch and when it comes to our packaging we insist on using natural responsible materials including both the package and its printing.

Our poop bags are certified with the European standard for truly compostable materials – EN13432, BPI Compostable and TUV OK Compost HOME

As a continued commitment to living greener and giving back to mother nature, we’ve partnered with ONE TREE PLANTED so that for every purchase of our product made online, 1 tree will be donated to be planted in damaged forest areas such as the Amazon Rain Forest.

Be kind to your planet, leave it plastic-free for future generations of dog lovers!

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