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Our system must have mixed up the postcodes.

Our shipping is as follows :

Cape Town CBD – Free on any order.

Nationwide major cities – Free on orders of 7 packets or more..

Nationwide major cities – R 75 for orders of  less than 7 packets.

If you get anything other than these fees please contact us on or  click the Whatsapp button on the bottom of your screen .

Yes, we are proudly a South African local company, based in Cape Town.

Our website is using SSL certification which makes every page of our website secure.
Our payment process is processed by Payfast – South Africa’s official online payment gateway.

Non of your payment/banking details are being stored on our system.
The payment process is 100% secured.

There are 2 ways for you to purchase this amazing bags :

  1. Use your bank card to process the payment
    We use Payfast as our payment provider. It is approved by all SA banks and cards providers.
    The payment is secured with high end security systems that are making sure your order is 100% secure. *no card details are kept on our systems.
  2. You can EFT straight to our FNB bank account.
    For this choice, make sure you choose the “Bank Transfer” option, after inserting your shipping details and clicking “Checkout” you will be redirected to a new page with our banking details. Send the proof of payment to our email address at and we’ll ship your order straight away.

The package usually arrives on the following day of your order. But just to be on the safe side maximum 3 business days. 

Not recommended as it will increase ocean kelp which can take over the habitats of other sea-dwelling creatures.
You can bury them in your back garden as an alternative. 

About a month and a half, it varies from one pet owner to another.

The bag will decompose in industrial compost soil within 6 months, if you throw it in your home compost it might take a little longer.

When organic material is composting it is going through a process of breaking down by microbial digestion to create compost. To go through a composting process, organic waste requires the right level of temperature, moisture, and Oxygen. Tiny microbes are consuming organic materials, transforming them into compost. In order to claim that a product is fully compostable, the product has to meet all the requirements in the European standard EN 13432. Which require that compostable products will decompose 100% in compost within a specific time frame, leaving no residues behind.
PoopPick materials are certified with the EN13432 European certification. 

Compostable and biodegradable are often being mixed up. Biodegradable means that a product can be broken down  with time (wood, metal etc.)

Compostable means that it breaks down to  water and carbon dioxide compounds in a rate similar to paper and breaks down into small pieces in about 90 days, so that you don’t even recognize the original and it leaves no toxic residue.

No, Pooppick are meant for waste only. It cannot be used as a food carrier bag.

Many versions to answer this questions.

In general, plastics are more common in use at the moment. 
“The bigger the quantity the lower price”
That concept is applied from the manufacturing point until arriving on the shelf.

Slowly and surely we see a rise in demand for compostable products and so are other manufacturers, eventually prices will drop. It is mostly depends on consumers choice at this moment. 

But for now,  in the case of Pooppick – approx R 40 a month to help the planet is not that bad 🙂

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